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[14 Apr 2004|05:40pm]
everyone i changed my user name so yeah if i add you that means i want you to have my user name
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[14 Apr 2004|04:50pm]
want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more no less. ask me anything you want. then, i want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything.
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[13 Apr 2004|04:11pm]
hey journal..

ate so good today just gotta keep it up for a week or 2 or hey the rest of the school year. It was poring during like last priode so wen i went ouside for class my hair got all wet an messed up and my bangs curled up hahahaha . anyways i took the history quiz it was muy dificil and so was the music history test but it hink i did decint on that one. persnoally i can hardly care about this stupid school snice it really is pretty much over. yeah my aim wont let me sign on thats anoying and i still have t test an quiz every day of this week then 2 tests on monday in bio were doing the digestive system and it really is so hard sometimes i think he thinks were the honors bio but were not but its extremly hard he puts every detail into every movement.

i hate school!
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[13 Apr 2004|07:11am]
today is another day of stupid school i really sirously hate it with a passion but once this week its over were a week closer till summer right? right. so anyway i have 1 test and 1 quiz today i hope i do good but part of me dosnt care even tho i spent my whole day studying.ericas visiting sacred heart on saterday and i want to go because its like a picnic and really hot boys will probably be there but were celebrating jenns bday so i dont know if i can but i really want to!

yeah so my diet has begun im pretty motivated since i have nothing to look foward to im looking foward to next wed or thursday to see if i lost anything.

so yeah...umm i probably shouldnt go to the college because i should hhang out with all my friends since i wont be able to hang out on friday yeah i have to go now i pray tehre no golf today since im sickingly bad.
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fat fat fat fat [12 Apr 2004|08:55pm]
my goal now is to lose at lest 5 pounds mom says it will probably only take a week and thats really all i need to lose so im starting tomorrow but i kinda started tonight because i did a mile on the tredmill an my crunhes plus gave away my belly jellys and sugar free chocolates =[ i need to do this i want to be confident in a bathingsuite. okay so anyway i have a little booklet which i will write down what i eat in it and im gonna drink lots of water and no crap stuff i gotta do this for myself !!!

okay anyway math test = hard but i think i did decent got 100 on spanish quiz 60 on a latin quiz =[ theres 2 this week so i can make up for it plus i got a 85 on the last one adn he drops the lowest grade he gave me a A- on the last quarter so thats good =] ummmmmmm history quiz tomorrow an a music history test ive been studying all night an stuff so i should go back to studying so that i do good i will eat good an do good in school an be good at home and summer will be here before i know it

my hopes are so high
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school tomorrow =[ [11 Apr 2004|08:16pm]
dear journal.

today was fun like all the holidays are except for the sharp pain in my abdomine lol ( dee tina ) hahaa. anywwhoo i had alot of fun with the famm when danielle walked in i felt like i looked in the mirror lol she wore the exact saem thing as me from the sweater to the little yellow bow in our hair plus the same hair style god lol different skirts but they looked the same but same top and everyone kept saying we look like twins hahahaha . told dee stuff and we didnt understand why we both felt a certain way about a person because of our wierd type if that makes sense. tina did a funny dance to hansen lol strange girl we sang and watched soem of cheaper by the dozen and played some dvd trivia or something ate alot of sugar and stuff =] deffintly gained like 100 pounds lol...it was alot of fun i missed my family=]

anywho i have school tomorrow and im really upset because no one else does plus i have a math test tomorrow an it was easter today so i dont kno how he wanted me to study but i guess ill study after i update and i think i hhave golf tomorrow so i have to go find my golf clothes ummm yeah i should go scchool sucks especially sia

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[11 Apr 2004|01:09pm]
hey journal i just got back from church a little while ago it was fun i felt nice and easterish and we sat in the front and it wa nithe auditiorium because the church was so full...there was a mom next to us with her little daughter an when this really slutty girl got the host me and the mom looked at each other an laughed it was so wierd im like i dont even kno this person hhahahahhaa she was dressed so provocativly for church. But anyway at points i was singing with the songs because it was funny and erica thought that it was humerous so i kept singing with the girl lol the piano man was so cute he was like an old man just bobbing up an down to his little keyboard tapping is foot along wtih the beat just content with playing his keyboard like he didnt need anyone else in the world it was so great lol the singer looked mean but inside shes probably sweet...i hope. So i just got back from playing some guitar an eating smoe sugar free junk to bad my printer doesnt work now i cant print out any tabs so its hard to play my guitar because all the songs i wanna learn i cant print them out...but sooner or later ill get ink hopefully tomorrow my dad will bring ink home

oh the bad note
i have a math test tomorrow an its pretty hard an i reviewed it yesterday but i guessi m gonna have to go review it now tonight an tomorrow morning

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the easter bunny is comming to town today [11 Apr 2004|10:41am]

last night consited of being bored playing brett my oh so lovley new guitar and reviewing math plus talking and watching you drive me crazy thats now liek my new favorite movie because i remeberd how hot the guy in it was.

anywhoo today is easter and im ni white light pinks and light yellow its pretty much what i wore a couple days ago but i dresed it up with nice earings a matching bow and a neaklace but it looksl ike casual fancy so it nice =] . i need me makeup and all that stuff so i feel pretty nice i assume

so yeah i have to go to church now

the easter bunny left me all sugar free stuff ahahahhaha
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boring day [10 Apr 2004|11:42am]
todays gonna be pretty boring because i want to concintrate on studying since tomorrow is easter and i dont exactly want to study on easter so im gonna study alot today but i did want to do liek something possibly got to hollsiter but i dont think thats going to happen . i liek there new poka dot mini i want that alot but since i got my guitar i dont exactly feel right asking my mom for money for clothing. yeah anyway me and erica have to find a day to go to jersey for jobs yup...anddd im reallllyy bored and i dont want to study and i dont want to go to school on monday.

anyways im going to go
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[09 Apr 2004|11:47pm]
heartedsweater thanks for my beautiful icon to match my layout=]
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friday night an i aint got nobodyyy [09 Apr 2004|11:05pm]
well thats a lie but not the whole night 9th grade sucks so badly like sirously hti by a car falling down alot of steps getting hypoglycmia being tested for throid problems an organ problems an diabetes then all the emotional problems an bad weekends lol

theres absolutly nothing to do on this island especially since we cant drive yet i mean the whole day consited of piano lesson at 11 to 12 then i played guitar for an hour or so and got all upset because i can only play a few songs not alot at all but i cant expect to jsut work wonders overnight but yeah so then me n lauren an sonam an rach went to wolfs pond an we went for a walk an lauern didn come she sat by the geese lol an we were walking an these guys from tottenville whome may i add were hot well one of them was lol they were juniors an there like hey ladies hahahaha an they kept talking to us an asking us where we would be an stuff an asked us for our numbers but im like erm..i cant give my numbber out to strangers lol cuz they were all ghetto an not me at all butt hey it was funny to me =] then we orderd pizzaa hahahaha an laughed an stuff an did watever thennnnnnn we tried to find a ride home but no one asnwerd there phone so we walked all the way down hylan blvd hahaha it took like an hour to get to my house an whose outside my house my mom wat is she doing? planting flowers she didnt hear the phone lol wowww then we sat on our asses talking cuz we were tierd an then tom came we then played guitar and then went walking we went into walbumbs and to wendys an did stuff it wasnt that great cuz we didnt kno wat to do with ourselfs butttttt it was better then nothing they came back to my hosue and we watched cheaper by the dozen but didnt finsih it cuz they soon left now im here i was on the phone with christina she aws heling me with math =] wat a good friend and now im doing more math problems so i dont fail my math test since i forgot everythinggggggggg

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[09 Apr 2004|12:40pm]
soooooo i just got out of piano an im waring a pretty outfit white flary skirt from af with yellow af sweater an sandels pink bow i think im gonna awre it on easter well maybe its possible...

i just got back from playing guitar i learned mr.chainsaw by alkaline trio i cant exactly get the first chord down but the 2 after it i get i just have to make it more smooth the chorus is awesomely easy and the second part to the verse is easy its just the 1st part thats a little hard but ill get it =] i think my guitar is a little out of tune an i cant seem to get it to tune so i think it might sound a little wrong anyway

sonam an lauren are taking the train to my house and were gonna go to the park an have like picnic or watever because its baeutiful out an i wanan do something that involves liike natureee

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another day [09 Apr 2004|08:40am]
i hope today is better then yesterdayit was tears tears an more tearsbut watever its a new day last night i was so bored an since my bpritner has no black ink n i have no microsoft word i had to like put taps in paint and pritn them out in blue or something but some tabs wouldnt fit so the only tab that i learned was dammit lol i was bored so it was good enough for me wat i really wanna learn is asves the day rock tonic juice magic but i cant figure it out i think the tab im lookin at sis wrong or something ..

anyway todayis nice out from what i see it wa wierd i woke up this morning with no shirt on i was really like shocked hahahah yeah it was strange anyway i want to try to hang out wtih people today ni the dayyyyyy because its so nice out mom an bianca are going to menlo so if i dont hang out wtoday ill be even more mad because i could of been at the mall but yeah moms ognna get me the bathing suite i want .. although i dont deserve it because i was a real bitch last night to her and dad. yeahhh sooooo im also going to review math notes and music history notes because i belive i have 2 tests on monday and i want to care about my grades even tho its hard too because tehres only like a month left in school.

yeah golf practice this week is somethign im not looking foward to because i havent practiced andddd im really baddddddd so its alway so imbarssing hopefully lauren comes with us but watever.


my guitar is so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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[08 Apr 2004|09:12pm]
worst night ever 3 people called me and i couldnt do anything he is telling me im boring now to talk to is soething wrong an i just really wanna say ur a anoying fuckhead but i cant so im not answering. IM SO FUCKING BORED + fusterated theres nothing to do i really am so fusterated with school i cant even think about school so i couldnt give less about any subject right now

ugh i cant even type this it makes me more mad
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wierd [08 Apr 2004|10:52am]
this morning i had to get 2 sonagrams for the thyroid and for the abdomin it was so wierd she made me like lift up my shirt and seh put this like gell on my stomic and took this took an u could see my organs it was really cool but it felt wierd and it took a while and i hate lifting my shirt im like ughh fatness then she did my neak and everytime i swoloowed i saw it like move up an down it was really cool .

then mom got me food at a&w then we went to aunt camellas shop and i stayedi nthe car then auntie came out said hi told me she had my bday gift and she was gonna bring it to my house soon so thats cool at lest i kno she didnt forget it was my birthday lol. so yeah then we came home erica went out and im home and mom went to the city for her doctor and shes gonna try an get my guitar!!!!!!!!!!! the les paul epiphone in sunburst i hope she gets it an gets the right one =] ill be so happy to have it u have no idea .


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[08 Apr 2004|08:27am]
[ mood | complacent ]

today i have my appointments to see if my organs are damaeged and if theres something wrong with my thyroid mom said it should only take an hour or so ..so thats good =] . yesterday was alot of fun with the pictures then all of the buddies came over amadaaaaaa =] i missed her alot god i missed all of them alot there just so much fun to be around even if all were doing is sitting like they always turn everything into alot of fun. we wrestled a little an thy played guitar and drums an bass a little then we roamed and went to mikes place i had a fun time <3

soooo today im gonna try to hang out wtih aaron because for the past 3 weeks everytime he asked me i couldnt sooooo thats stupid so im gonna try to figure soemthing out but at 7 i see my theripist so thats liek right inthe middle of the night so im not sure about what i will do but im gonna try.

my immortal on the piano sounds so pretty tina i neeed the rest of the music i can only play the first 2 mesures


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experienceee [07 Apr 2004|03:40pm]
hey journal...i just got back from my pictures =] im so nervous and its all over but im still nervous because if they dont come out nice i will be really upset because it was extremly expensive aand was my only christmas gift from madre and padre. SO i woke up around 9 and packed the clothes we were out of the house around 10:10 and hit the roads there aws a bunch of traffic but my mom got us out of it quickly by going into lanes she wasnt supposed to be in hahah funny mom. Anywho we got there and i was pretty nervous and a wave of shyness came upon me...not cool. but i survivde as you see . I got into my first oputfit and we took 2 sets of head shots and i had my like elbowso nt eh table and like smiled and did some sirouse and it was cool then i got changed againe into a orange striped with white tub topyish shirt from af with jeans and i had my leg turned out and a fan blowing my hair i had to like suck in my stomich ahhaha to make sure u couldnt see my fatness so yeah i hope thoes came out good oh yeah an the make up artist did me makeup adn then she redid it and i got into my next outfit puink skirt and tub top with poka dots in different colors and we went on the roof of the building and did a coupel poses then i changed into my orange skirt with a yellow sweater and posed sirouse and then smiling and then jeans hat hair low side ponytail ish i didnt see it but i hope she didnt make me look stupid ..with jeans an posed i wanted to stay on that roof forever it was really pretty the photographer wasnt very friendly but im done and i just really hope that i came out really nice in all the pictures i have like problems when i take pictures but i pray pray pray pray prayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that they came out nice



wow so scared u have no idea

acting starts soon againe with jrp an hgoes into july so im not gonna be able to work saterdays i think... i dont kno ill firgure it out when thetime comes

i dontk no ifi should go to school tomorrow or not i dont want to tho

so yeah im gonna go laterrrrrrrrr

yeah once againe i hope my pictures came out good
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wat a day [07 Apr 2004|10:15am]
yseterday aws cool me n my friends went to the mall practically all day because we had nothing better to do so yeah we shopped and laughed at ALOT of things hahahah they make me laugh just thinking abotu hte things we laughed at and we laugh so loud that it made me laugh more. Yeah i bought a bunch of stuff and i went into american eagle like 3 times first time because jenn wanted to but then i wound up buying a bag then i went into af annd got a skirt but then i went back to ae to find a shrit cuz i didnt like afs shirts so i couldnt find a shirt i wanted so left then came back and bought 2 neaklaces which got tangeld and broke so now i have to re buy them. Perry said something anoying to I but im over it =] ummm then we met up with more people because we saw them and i saw mike an brian and chris an joeee i miss them <33 then we went into the golf store and then we went back to laurens we tried to watch like a bootleg copy of the passion of the christ but they kept laughing so i was like forget it cuz i didnt want them to ruin it for mean tried to watch uro trip but we wound up jkuist talking and eating..

today im getting my pictures taken im not really excited but im kind of nervous because i hate the way i come out in pictures but i need these to go on auditions and stuff sooooo i have to and im hoping that they come out nicely. and im hoping that none of my friends go to school tomorrow because i dont think im going to since i have the exrays anyway.

anyway im gonna go eat and then leave so

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bored [06 Apr 2004|12:10pm]
im pretty bored..and i wanted to go to hollister today but i have no way of getting there so im bummbed and i just fnished watching like 10 tv shows...and im to like hardheaded to forget about not going to hollister and going to the si mall...anyway im not sure what im gonna be doing i still have to pick out like 6 outfits for tomorrow..what a pain. and i have a constant chill in my body even tho im waring a lil sweater. im just rambling about anything so i guess im wasting time so yeah later

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[06 Apr 2004|09:39am]
this beautiful icon was made by dipshxt =] thanks amandaaaa!!
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